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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- August 29th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Communication is key to a healthy relationship. You and your partner must try as hard as you can to understand each other. But that's easier said than done at times... Fortunately, your incredibly romantic nature never fails to cheer your other half up. You give them the strength to believe in themselves. You're the lover they've always dreamt of...


    You always set the bar incredibly high for yourself on the love front. You tend to want what you cannot have! But your ability to learn from your mistakes helps you move closer to your sentimental objectives. You're often described as a love guru! One of your disciples could come to you for advice. You know everything there is to know about love, it seems...

    Sexy tip

    Your libido is nowhere to be seen, be as sweet and sensual as possible to make up for it. Don't wait for your sex drive to be given a boost out of nowhere. Do something about it!


    Your job isn't the only job in the world! You could be tempted by a career change. You'd like to earn more money or move to a different part of the country. Take the time to update your résumé and write a cover letter this weekend.

    Your finances

    The way you see it, having two different bank accounts in your name perfectly normal! You keep your savings in one, and use the other for your bills and everyday expenses. Why not, after all... There's no right or wrong way to manage your money!

    Your lucky number




    Being too honest isn't necessarily a good thing... Something you could find out the hard way today. Ah well, there are plenty more fish, or friends, in the sea!


    You're done systematically agreeing with your other half. You'd rather listen to your parents than to your partner this Saturday. They know you better than anybody else!

    Your saying

    "Love he who criticizes you in private." Jewish proverb


    You feel great from both a mental and physical point of view on this opening day of the weekend. Healthy mind, healthy body!

    Your color

    Burgundy nail varnish will guarantee you a refined and elegant look.

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