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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- August 19th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You will find all kinds of ways to keep your significant other happy and entertained this Wednesday. So many people are jealous of your relationship! A lot kinder than usual under the caring influxes of the New Moon, you will truly know how to spice up your everyday life. Listen to your imagination, it will not let you down...


    Falling in love with a toxic individual or someone who quite clearly isn't right for you is out of the question today. Instead, the New Moon will introduce you to someone you'll instantly feel incredibly comfortable with. You two will feel as if you've known each other for years! Maybe you'd already met in one of your dreams...

    Sexy tip

    Foreplay will go on for hours and hours, much to your delight. Take your time, let your hair down and enjoy yourself!


    The New Moon helps you stick to a coherent plan of action in the workplace. You will earn the respect of both your colleagues and superiors. How so, I hear you ask? Simply by proving that you're the best at anything you do!

    Your finances

    You've enough money in the bank to enjoy yourself on vacation this month. You hate having to count your cash when you're supposed to be relaxing! You don't really care where you go, as long as you can have a good time...

    Your lucky number




    Your friends don't know what to expect from you. Proud and self-conscious at the same time, some of your reactions could be surprising to say the least.


    Family harmony is hanging by a thread! Some of your loved ones cannot stand it when you invite other people over to your place... Not easy!

    Your saying

    « The town would be so clean if everyone swept in front of their own house! » Russian saying


    It doesn't matter how old you are, you feel good in your own skin and you're delighted with the person you've become!

    Your color

    Bright golden blond will give your hair the sexy and sensual look you're looking for!

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