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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- August 18th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    A stormy day as far as your relationship is concerned... Under the influence of an irritating Venus, don't expect things to get better any time soon! You and your partner find it impossible to talk about your problems at the minute. But failing to treat your other half with the respect they deserve could prove fatal in the not-so-distant future...


    Venus in your sign forces you to take a 24-hour break in this domain! You're not ready to fall in love and settle down right now, and neither are the people you hang out with. But the real bad news is that you won't even get to flirt with anyone today! You're coming across as a bit of a serial lover, which isn't a good look at all...

    Sexy tip

    There are as many different positions as days of the year, so try a new one! You on top of him? Yeah, why don't you give that one a go?


    Venus will cause you to lose your cool and say things you could seriously regret in the workplace. Watch your mouth, my Gemini friend! Just because someone's a temp or new to the company doesn't give you the right to be rude to them!

    Your finances

    It doesn't matter how organized you are, unexpected problems are part of life! Your car could break down, and it'll cost you a fair bit of money to get it fixed. This is also traditionally one of the most expensive months of the year... You could run out of cash before September!

    Your lucky number




    You never forgive people more than once. Something one of your friends could find out the hard way this Tuesday... Your heart is made of stone!


    Your in-laws are getting on your nerves... And seeing your own family siding with them instead of rushing to your defense will be hard to take!

    Your saying

    « Wealth gives legs to cripples, beauty to monsters and interest to tears » Armenian saying


    You never feel great for too long. Annoying, but better than feeling awful all the time, I suppose... Look on the bright side!

    Your color

    Dark purple make-up, from lilac to plum, is appropriate all-year round.

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