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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 13th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your overinflated ego will get in the way today and cause problems between you and your other half. You're trying your hardest to control your mood swings but so far you're not having much luck. You're letting your emotions get the better of you but please be careful as your loved one won't put up with your temper tantrums for much longer.


    There is little chance of you hitting it off with anyone special today and even less chance of you finding the glove that fits. You would be better off knocking your love life on the head for today and sticking to your own devices. You could end up doing more harm than good if you try to force the situation with you know who. Take a breather instead and wait until tomorrow.

    Sexy tip

    Inventive, you're second to none when it comes to spicing up a night! What's your latest idea now? Write down sexual positions on post-it notes scattered around the house. Let's see which one your partner finds first!


    Don't be surprised if your colleagues give you a wide berth today owing to your difficult behavior. Everyone's wondering what's gotten into you and it won't be long before your boss puts you in your place. Ego battles and power struggles will cloud the day.

    Your finances

    The astral configuration has thrown a spanner in the works with your finances and you may find that your projects have come to a standstill as a result. The Moon-Saturn trine seems to have it in for you but you'll have no choice other than to grin and bear it until the situation improves.

    Your lucky number




    You are strongly advised to stick to your own devices today and take a raincheck on those plans with your friends. Even a phone call could go pear-shaped...


    Try to make an effort with your family members today even if you don't really feel like it. You've ruffled their feathers recently and the damage is clear to see.

    Your saying

    « Time is a friendship's best friend. It's also its witness and conscience. Friends are split apart before being reunited again » Tahar Ben Jelloun


    You're feeling tired and cranky and have pretty much come to a standstill today. Treat yourself to a day off.

    Your color

    Mint green is such a refreshing color! Perfect for your clothes, make up and ornaments!

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