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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- June 29th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is based on mutual trust, my Gemini friend. Your partner never has to ask for your permission to do something they like! You don't ever feel the need to spy on the person you love. Important decisions could be made this Monday. You two could talk about moving to a new house or having a baby...


    It was too good to be true, my single friend... Someone you were starting to develop feelings for could break your little heart today! And to think you were already thinking about settling down and having kids with that person... You knew you shouldn't have got carried away! Never contact them ever again. It's their loss... You'll find someone better, don't worry.

    Sexy tip

    Fantasize on this new colleague of yours! New sensations are on the cards! Don't feel guilty about it! Sex games are extremely pleasurable.


    If you're working incredibly hard to move your career forward or launch your own business, luck should be on your side. The planets will support your initiatives and introduce you to influential contacts. You can almost taste success!

    Your finances

    Rome wasn't built in a day, my Gemini friend. Nobody has ever gotten rich overnight! Roll your sleeves up and keep up the hard work. You could be forced to deal with an unexpected emergency regarding your finances today...

    Your lucky number




    The way you see it, friends make life beautiful! What's the point of playing sports, partying or going on vacation alone?


    Life is wonderful! You and your family are inseparable right now. You're so looking forward to going on your summer vacation!

    Your saying

    « Every change, even the most wished for, is a source of melancholy » Anatole France


    Curious by nature, you will give unusual ways of keeping fit and healthy a try this Monday.

    Your color

    Slightly blueish, slate-gray is making a noticeable appearance on your party outfits.

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