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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- June 16th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your mood swings are getting out of control... Stop letting your anger out on your partner! It's not their fault if your sentimental projects aren't going according to plan. Your other half won't enjoy being blamed for all your problems! Look for ways to get your love life back on the right track together. In other words, communicate!


    Asking yourself too many questions isn't going to get you anywhere. Put your problems into perspective. Your situation isn't as desperate as you think. Look around, pay attention to how many interesting strangers are trying to find out more about you. Relax, stop putting so much pressure on your own shoulders. Love should soon come knocking...

    Sexy tip

    Explore your partner's many erogenous body parts, turn him on slowly... Kiss him on his neck to get an unforgettable night started.


    Your bosses believe in you. You're free to make important decisions by yourself in the workplace. You're a valued employee. A lot is expected from you, but you're afraid to make mistakes. Don't worry, the planets are on your side.

    Your finances

    Your finances are remarkably healthy right now. Your hard work has well and truly paid off in this domain, my Gemini friend. Keep it up! You could even be offered an unexpected raise or bonus this Tuesday. Fantastic news!

    Your lucky number




    You find spending time with your friends incredibly relaxing. You could decide to invite people over for a drink in your garden this evening!


    Your love being with your family these days. You make your loved ones laugh and vice versa. You're so happy when you're at home.

    Your saying

    « Don't postpone till tomorrow what you can do today » French saying


    You're in a great mood and full of energy today. You literally couldn't have asked for more!

    Your color

    Give yourself a mysterious look with blueish luminous black eyeshadow.

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