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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- May 20th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You spend sweet moments with your partner. Show your feelings. You don't need much to make your couple passionate! Desire is sluggish. Don't hesitate saying some romantic words! Sexual satisfaction will be soon back in your couple! Think about making a fantasy come true, be bold and stir desire! A naughty moment will do you good.


    Cupid comes along during a trip. You come across love! Fate asserts itself through love at first sight. Things change due to a friend. You may be seduced by a close friend's friend. There could be physical attraction! This person's seduction is intense. You're not the only one who likes this person. Plus, this person may not be available.

    Sexy tip

    Sexy lingerie and original outfits will truly whet your partner's sexual appetite. Give your sex life a much-needed boost! Break your routine, innovate.


    You play your trump card at work. You feel fulfilled. This is the ideal day to win your spurs! You may coach a colleague or manage a meeting. You'll be satisfied at the end of the day.

    Your finances

    Venus in your sign makes you lose your mind! You may go shopping with friends. Salary disappears due to several little things. These items may be useless. You could regret this after your shopping.

    Your lucky number




    Outings in sight! Be ready, something unplanned will happen! You may come across a long lost friend! Fate gets you together!


    Not much change in sight. The day highlights surprises! Your friends love your camaraderie mind! One respects you!

    Your saying

    « A mind may travel more than a heart, but it never goes as far » Chinese saying


    Your mind is called upon. You think so much that you're not able to sleep. An herbal tea should help you relax!

    Your color

    Duck blue is THE color in fashion for your shoes, especially if you happen to be somewhere by the sea!

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