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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- April 25th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You could have picked a different day to start asking yourself all kind of questions regarding the future of your relationship. Your other half will agree to talk about your sentimental worries and problems, but simply not today. Try to put on a brave face for the time being. Smile, even if you're far from happy on the inside...


    You've had enough of being stalked by a clingy ex of yours! You're in the mood to start enjoying yourself again in this domain. Blocking that person on all the social media websites you regularly use will allow you to feel much better! But he or she won't go away easily, my Gemini friend... An unwelcome text or phone call could ruin your evening!

    Sexy tip

    Hide your sex toys in his car and make sure you run out of fuel... Nobody sees you as the saint you're claiming to be... Not even yourself!


    Uranus in Taurus will have a stressful and demanding day in store for you. You will have tight deadlines to meet and tricky agreements to reach in the workplace this Saturday. It's time to show everyone you work with how brave and resilient you truly are...

    Your finances

    Helped by a greedy Moon, Venus in your sign will encourage you to spend your cash like it's going out of fashion! You could decide to treat yourself to all kinds of new gadgets or take part in exciting but expensive hobbies.

    Your lucky number




    You could temporarily fall out with some of your friends this Saturday. Don't worry, those disagreements shouldn't last for too long...


    You've far too much on your plate to listen to a close relative talk about their sentimental issues... You avoid that person like the plague!

    Your saying

    « Praise belongs to him who starts, even if the next person does better » Arab saying


    You see exercising as a great way to get back in shape and learn how to become more self-disciplined, my Gemini friend.

    Your color

    Pinkish orange will brighten up your smile.

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