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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- April 16th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    With Saturn in a friendly sign, you're the one wearing the trousers at home! You will make all kinds of decisions on your partner's behalf today, something he or she will most definitely not complain about. Venus in your sign will look after your relationship, don't worry. Your partner will agree with pretty much every single one of your ideas and suggestions!


    You find the strength needed to delete a poisonous ex out of your life once and for all. You broke up with that person ages ago, but he or she was still having such a negative impact on your emotional wellbeing until now... You've finally met someone you like and who you consider settling down with, so enough is enough... It's your turn to be happy!

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever had sex in the shower or in the bath? Ask your partner to share their most secret fantasies with you.


    Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn will give your productivity levels a boost in the workplace. You could be handed the chance to explore new horizons in the workplace. Interesting opportunities are heading your way on the professional front!

    Your finances

    Under the influence of Neptune, you could lose touch with reality and start spending your cash like there's no tomorrow! There's nothing you love more than buying yourself gifts... You have a tendency to live beyond your means, my Gemini friend!

    Your lucky number




    With Mars in Aquarius, you disagree with pretty much everything you friends say. Ego and personality clashes are on the menu today.


    Your honesty was criticized yesterday, but it will be praised today. You're simply speaking your mind a little less bluntly than you were 24 hours ago.

    Your saying

    « Love has never offended anyone » Florian


    Mars will help you recharge your batteries and feel energized. But suffering from migraines cannot be ruled out...

    Your color

    Give green a go! In touch with nature, you will opt for a lovely almond green top.

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