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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- January 14th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    To revive passion and give your love life a new lease of life, why don't you suggest something to your partner, to break away from the routine. Especially since your sweetheart is ready to follow you, regardless of the idea. Stars help you with your approach, harmonize your relationship by spicing things up.


    If you're still single, interesting things should happen. Indeed, under the action of our dear planets, an amusing situation may throw you off balance. You can bank on the unforeseen. Pleasant surprises give you the desire to get to know this person more intimately. So go for it!

    Sexy tip

    A quick strip-tease will truly put your partner in the mood for it! Look at him as if you were about to eat him alive! Make him beg you for more...


    Stars support you professionally. If you initiative a new project, you're supported as well. You may get financial help to finance a project. It's a good start which turns out to be positive for the future.

    Your finances

    Financial movements on your accounts will make you surely think that your bank situation isn't that bad, even after the celebration period. Be careful, as an unexpected expense could suddenly come along and trigger doubts.

    Your lucky number




    A close friend asks you to help him/her with professional procedures. You hesitate doing so. This person is disappointed by your attitude.


    Re-organizing the household is required and this doesn't appeal to everyone. You divide the chores fairly.

    Your saying

    "Hope is to believe life has a meaning." Abbé Pierre


    Some of our dear planets help you channel your energy. You're in rather good shape.

    Your color

    A hint a lagoon blue will give you mesmerizing eyes.

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