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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- December 19th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Inspired by this Uranus/Jupiter trine, you want to take a trip abroad with just your partner, like you did when you first started seeing each other. The change of environment will do you good. You'll be able to look to the future with newfound optimism.


    If you're single, you might be disappointed by someone who doesn't live up to your expectations. You were too trusting, and you didn't think carefully enough about the consequences of your actions. If you're using food as a coping mechanism, keep an eye on those calories!

    Sexy tip

    Listen to him, pay extreme attention to him, cuddle him like there's no tomorrow... One kiss will lead to another, and another... What a lovely night this is turning out to be!


    If your work requires you to be meticulous, calm, and courageous, you're in luck. Your energy is well-focused and consistent, especially if you work in the medical professions.

    Your finances

    A Saturn/Neptune sextile allows you to make one of your dreams come true. You have the opportunity to apply for a loan for a house that is better suited to your family's needs. The southern node of the Moon will help you say goodbye to your current home.

    Your lucky number




    You have some animated and passionate discussions with your friends during your weekly hangout. You're lucky to be part of this group!


    You succeed at organizing your professional life and your family life at the same time. You'll feel proud of yourself at the end of the day.

    Your saying

    "The best of tomorrows doesn't bring yesterday back." Chinese proverb


    Keep an eye on overeating things that will stay on your hips. Jupiter is not your ally when you're hungry!

    Your color

    Bright and lively, electric blue is THE color in fashion to spice up your wardrobe... Brace yourself for an electrifying shopping spree!

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