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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- November 29th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Jupiter is by your side and will do everything in its power to keep your relationship on solid ground. The arrival of the Moon is nevertheless making you feel nostalgic and you could be tempted to bring up issues from the past. Mercury is reminding you of the importance of leaving the past in the past so that you can focus on the future.


    The alignment of Venus and Uranus suggests that you're about to hit it off with a perfect stranger. They'll set your heart racing from the word Go and the rest will be history, as they say! Try to draw a line under those failed relationships from the past as this person really is your perfect match. It's onwards and upwards from here on!

    Sexy tip

    Who knows what turns you on better than yourself? Take control and express your desires! Caress every single inch of your partner's body. Whisper what you're going to do to him...


    You firmly believe that you were made for this line of work. You get to give free rein to your imagination whilst pushing yourself to achieve new goals. Your boss has got your back and is already lining you up for a promotion. Good on you!

    Your finances

    If you work in the arts or any creative field then expect your bank balance to double overnight. The stars are helping you to put your creative skills to the test and trust your instincts when making money related decisions. A great day for your finances!

    Your lucky number




    You've got a lot on your mind and will decide to pour your heart out to your closest pals. You'll feel miles better when you've got whatever's bothering you off your chest.


    You're keen to know more about your family's roots and may even decide to create a family tree in order to find out more. You can't wait to get stuck in!

    Your saying

    "A promise has legs; only a gift has hands." German proverb


    There's no harm in dreaming from time to time. Aspiring to better things is what motivates you and keeps you on your toes.

    Your color

    Turkish red lipstick will give you this bohemian and oriental look you're after!

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