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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- October 21st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Jupiter encourages you to talk to your partner about what you're no longer happy with in this domain. Ignoring your problems is out of the question today! Set the record straight and seek to build stronger foundations for your relationship. You're aware that your sentimental situation is slipping out of control...


    The dissonances between Mars and Saturn will not make it easy for you to meet anyone interesting. You're too angry to attract any positive attention, my Gemini friend! Learn how to love yourself again if you want other people start loving you. Focus on the things you're really good at!

    Sexy tip

    Your life is much more exciting than all those awful Hollywood movies these days! The internet could be your main source of inspiration as far as new positions are concerned...


    Your intuition will not let you down in the workplace on this opening day of the week. Dynamic, you will enjoy helping colleagues or suppliers meet their deadlines. Working hard calms you down...

    Your finances

    A Pluto/Moon aspect is never restful! An unexpected U-turn could be in the cards on the financial front. But this isn't necessarily bad news... Pluto symbolizes wealth and money in Greek mythology!

    Your lucky number




    You will be too busy trying to solve your relationship problems to see or even talk to your friends today. You will leave your phone switched off all day.


    Don't let your personal problems ruin the beautiful evening you and your children are supposed to be spending together. Hide your bad mood! Kids are a lot more sensitive than you think...

    Your saying

    "One must be very wise or extremely stubborn to never change the way he thinks." Chinese proverb


    Worrying about your problems is giving you bad headaches. Go for an early night if you can. Stop arguing with loved ones!

    Your color

    Black leather is so wonderfully Rock n' Roll!

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