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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- August 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Stars make changes in your lifestyle. But the day favors a lot of communication and you might even have friends over. There could be a last minute romantic evening and it could make a major effect on your couple. Your libido needs to be revived and the evening might help this.


    Despite celibacy, you enjoy seduction games in your entourage. The day favors kind discussions. You're looking for a simple relationship but there is no guarantee. Don't rely on appearances when you meet someone. This person's situation might take you towards a complicated fling.

    Sexy tip

    Tonight could be a lot more glamorous than anticipated. You feel totally ready for it. You love foreplay, but not when it lasts the whole night!


    Rich exchanges with collaborators but don't lose focus due to the friendly atmosphere around you. There might be hypocritical relations. Keep your eyes open and don't listen to the gossip around you.

    Your finances

    Spending continues to shake up the budget that you had planned. You might crib when you see your salary vanish in a few hours. Gizmos and accessories for your car turn out to be expensive. You're advised to think before you buy.

    Your lucky number




    You could meet people who share your common points with you, who travel or love creating. Your friendships are joyful.


    Affinities with a sister or brother await you. There is sweetness and tenderness in your family ties and many discussions too.

    Your saying

    « Being generous has never bankrupted anyone » French saying


    Favor contact with nature, which makes up for you current commitment, in general. Sleep should be favored.

    Your color

    A shiny and pure snow white will give you a chic yet approachable look.

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