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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- June 28th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Saying mushy stuff, won't be your thing. You'll be straight about things, so that there is no room for ambiguous remarks. You'll definitely be direct but so will your partner's reaction. Due to which, you won't see much of your sweetheart this weekend or the latter will quickly stop by .


    Extremely disappointed by this suitor you met through social network, you won't even feel like being charming or telling jokes to lighten the atmosphere. You'll be incapable of hiding your disappointment. The beginning of this conversation shall give no hope to this person, as you'll abruptly end the date.

    Sexy tip

    Explore unusual parts of each other's bodies! Sex toys will spice your intimate exchanges up.


    The famous saying "it's better opting for something one gets immediately rather than something more valuable that one isn't sure of achieving", shall condition your decision. Deep down, you may be right but in terms of professional progress, your refusal for change might seriously affect your evolution.

    Your finances

    One will try to sell you something, but it'll seem like an obvious swindle, you won't take the bait. Moreover, you'll closely examine all the ins and outs, before committing to this financial deal.

    Your lucky number




    By going out, you'll get the chance to renew ties with the people you hadn't seen in a while. You'll promise to see each other, without any conviction.


    No questions about leaving this relative in such a situation. You'll mobilize your loved ones so that each one helps out to improve the latter's comfort.

    Your saying

    « A man's behavior is ruled by his conscience » Xun Zi


    By wanting to do too much, stress shall get the upper hand. Bank on an activity which is entertaining instead of spinning out of control.

    Your color

    Goldish or pinkish, sand yellow will highlight your skin complexion, especially if you're tanned.

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