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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- May 11th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're back in your partner's good books and your relationship is back on an even keel. Your career is on the up and your family issues have been resolved so you can now pour all of your time and energy into your relationship. You have high hopes for your love life in 2019 and you can't wait to find out what destiny has in store for you.


    Uranus is helping to breathe new life into your romantic encounters and encouraging you to accept date offers left, right and center in order to increase your chances of finding love. You have no qualms in wearing your heart on your sleeve from time to time as you believe that nothing ventured nothing gained. Today is your lucky day!

    Sexy tip

    Rub with the tip of your nails your partner's chest and nipples. Aim for that part of the body right in-between the thigh and buttock. So good!


    The excellent quality of your work will help to open new doors for your career today. You've proven yourself to be a valuable member of the team as well as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. You've come a very long way since last year!

    Your finances

    The Venus-Uranus conjunction is giving you a fresh perspective of your finances and encouraging you to be more careful with your spending. Dear Gemini, your fixed costs are on the rise so you know it's time to take action. Sooner rather than later!

    Your lucky number




    Venus and Uranus are helping you to relax and take your friendships with a pinch of salt. You can't see eye to eye all of the time!


    If you're currently looking for a new home then make sure you keep your eyes peeled this morning. You'll be signing on the dotted line before you know it.

    Your saying

    « We choose nothing. Our destiny chooses. Wisdom is being able to accept its choice, whatever it may be » Romain Rolland


    Springtime is your favorite time of the year. You feel like you've been given a new lease of life!

    Your color

    Turkey red on your lips will make you look hot like an oriental belly dancer!

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