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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- May 2nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Dear Gemini, your shared goals will give you and your partner the opportunity to work at your relationship. Your life as a couple is built on solid foundations so try to remember what's important in life. You've been at each other's throats recently so a vacation or weekend away could help you to settle your differences and look to the future with renewed optimism.


    Mercury will help you to cross paths with someone special towards the end of the day so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. You'll decide to throw caution to the wind by asking them out on a date this evening as you firmly believe that nothing ventured nothing gained. You see no harm in putting your heart on the line in your quest for true love.

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever given your lover a strip-tease? Quick, take lessons! Tease his entire body... Then eat him alive!


    Dear Gemini, the mere idea of work brings you out in a cold sweat. You might even end up acting on a whim and handing your notice in today. You couldn't care less what the consequences are, as long as you never have to set foot in that office again!

    Your finances

    Bite the bullet and ask your boss for a pay rise if you think you're being overworked and underpaid. There is a high chance that your boss will see your point and give you what you're asking for. Uranus will help you to brush up on your negotiation skills.

    Your lucky number




    You've struck up a close friendship with a Fire sign recently. You may only have met in the past few days but it feels like you've known each other your entire life.


    Uranus is encouraging you to look out for your relatives' needs today. Your children or parents will ask you for a favor and you'll be there for them in a heartbeat.

    Your saying

    « Those who are too hasty will move backwards even more quickly » Mencius


    Uranus is watching over you and helping you to put your worries into perspective. Your body and mind will soon be back on track.

    Your color

    Pastel, dragée, candy floss or bright pink will work wonders on your cheeks!

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