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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- April 23rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner will enjoy seeing you in such a flirty mood. Your clumsy initiatives will make them smile... But be careful not to push your luck too far, my Gemini friend! Don't force your other half to do anything they have no intention of doing. Can you really not tell when they've stopped playing along? Your lover could really lose their cool with you today.


    You will effortlessly attract a lot of attention today, my Gemini friend. Expect to be hit on by a wide range of complete strangers this Tuesday... People will literally be queuing up to ask you out on a date! Just the ego boost you needed... It's nice to feel wanted, isn't it? Even if you're not particularly interested in any of those new faces!

    Sexy tip

    Forget about feelings, your needs and desires must be fulfilled! You will know how to turn a quiet relationship into a real orgy!


    Having fun will be more important to you than working hard today. Stay away from complex tasks, as a lack of focus could cause you to make avoidable mistakes. Postpone anything that isn't urgent till tomorrow, and try to delegate the rest to your colleagues!

    Your finances

    You're too generous for your own good at times. You love showering the people you love with little gifts, and you never hesitate to donate money to charities that mean a lot to you. You don't care about being broke, as long as everyone around you is happy!

    Your lucky number




    You get on wonderfully well with your friends, who you will truly enjoy seeing today. You're never bored in their company!


    A quick call here, and impromptu visit there, you never cease to surprise your loved ones! You know how to make everyone you care about feel special.

    Your saying

    « It's better to live imprisoned with the one you love than free with the one you hate » Persian saying


    Full of energy, you shouldn't struggle to do all the things you have planned for today. You love it when you're able to get your life back in order!

    Your color

    For tanned skins, apricot cheeks will work wonderfully well!

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