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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- February 24th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    This Sunday is going to be so so and it'll depend on how you're able to sooth yourself. Everyday life seems to be becoming more and more cumbersome and you'll be pervasive about finding a way and changing this. If you wish to spice up your couple, everything will be fine but you could also look for novelty elsewhere. Watch out for the consequences of your casualness!


    You're ready to seduce today, perfect timing, it's Sunday and you have planned activities which will give you a chance to check if your charm still makes an effect. You won't hesitate making naughty eyes around you, waiting to see who answers back and where it could lead.

    Sexy tip

    You will welcome a hint of fantasy into your sex life... Spank him hard! Then gently caress his body with the tip of your fingernail...


    You'll be very determined and your energy will allow you to see through everything you had planned, successfully. Mercury and Saturn strengthen your analytical abilities, which will help you move forward quickly, with a sensitive case.

    Your finances

    It's almost the end of the month and it's making you anxious about your finances. You want to make sure that your expenses are justified and that there aren't many useless expenses. No point in stressing, you'll be precise while managing your budget.

    Your lucky number




    You'll meet someone who is very different, compared to the people you usually hang out with. You might fall for this person's exotic charm.


    You won't hesitate helping one of your family members, who seems to be stuck. Even if it means changing your plans for the entire day.

    Your saying

    "When one can keep one's promise without becoming unlawful, one must keep one's word." Confucius


    You'll keep many things to yourself and it'll affect your mood a little. Though this isn't serious, you'll be able to put things in perspective.

    Your color

    Chic and delicate, dove-gray looks perfect on your skirts, blouses and scarves.

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