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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- February 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Neptune picks a fight with Jupiter in the couple sector and will put your relationship through a rough test. You'll imagine things about your partner and will have a hard time listening to what the latter has to say. Rather than accuse wrongly, make the effort to take put things in perspective, communication will help you see that your partner still loves you very much.


    A loner, you'll like peace and quiet, far from social hustle and bustle. You won't feel like making efforts and meeting someone won't be your priority today. However, your inaccessible side will be appealing, unknowingly! Nothing forces you to commit today. In the meantime, try to get to know others.

    Sexy tip

    Use your imagination, give new erotic games a try... Why don't you come up with a couple of sexy roleplays?


    Initiatives favored by Sun will be shaken up by Mars, which will trigger all kinds of hitches. Nothing will go as planned. Luckily, you'll be able to bounce back easily and quickly review your action plans.

    Your finances

    You don't listen to the shrewd advise you get from your entourage, in financial matters. You're convinced about being right, you'll do as you please and might make mistakes. Don't be hasty and relegate your accounts for later.

    Your lucky number




    Sensitive, you'll get offended over a simple joke. Avoid being aggressive and calmly discuss to get rid of this misunderstanding.


    You're convinced about being right, you'll refuse to admit your mistake, even if it's obvious. Come on, don't be so temperamental, it's not worth it.

    Your saying

    "You can't dig a well with a needle." English proverb


    Mars will put you in a mean mood and trigger knots in your stomach. All you need is to relax for everything to fall into place.

    Your color

    Celadon green underwear will create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom!

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