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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- February 8th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Stars keep an eye on your love life and give you the desire to be more committed than usual. Mars as back up with Jupiter, puts you in a better mood and your partner will easily follow you along in this love trail. Communication will be more complicit, based on mutual plans like a commitment.


    It's the end of the week and you're already planning outings for the weekend. You'll enjoy getting a control on things and will be the one who plans out the evenings. You won't try to seduce but even so, your charm will make an effect. You'll release an aura of confidence, who'll encourage others to address you and will want to get to know you better.

    Sexy tip

    Playing hide and seek could be fun and exciting, don't you think? This childish game can be very exciting when played with consenting adults...


    You'll hold all the cards in hand to succeed and complete the tasks given to you, properly. Don't hesitate favoring teamwork, pool in your ideas and exchange on a sensitive file, as it'll help you find a solution quickly.

    Your finances

    Your accounts won't be your priority today, you'll prefer enjoying yourself rather than reviewing your budget. You'll be right about that, as you shouldn't come across any issues in this area. Postpone budget management for later.

    Your lucky number




    Moon keeps a watch on your friendships and favors sharing. You might strengthen ties with one of your friends in particular,through meaningful complicity.


    Everything will work for the best, in your family. You'll want to take care of your loved ones and you'll do this with great pleasure.

    Your saying

    "Let us not despise glory too much: nothing is more beautiful than it is but virtue. " Chateaubriand


    In a great mood, nothing will seem to come in your way. You'll be overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. You'll make the most of this day.

    Your color

    English green will look great on your skirts, trousers and stockings! So very British!

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