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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- January 29th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today may be full of love and projects for the near future. Your feelings are becoming stronger. You might take a romantic trip somewhere new. You can count on finding common ground and feeling the joy of living together.


    If you're still single, it's either because you're afraid of disappointment or the loss of your freedom. The climate is favorable for telling someone how you feel. Something may arise between you and someone else unexpectedly. Don't shut the door to happiness -- you might be surprised at what happens.

    Sexy tip

    Lively sex will do you a world of good by bringing your levels of aggression down! Take control of the situation: ride him!


    Your professional life is getting better. You might work with new people. A new coworker will be a breath of fresh air that will motivate you.

    Your finances

    The end of the month is arriving, and that stresses you out, because you're seeing that your expenses have thrown your finances off balance. You might make some radical decisions to get things back in order.

    Your lucky number




    You have a nice, cheerful disposition. People appreciate your ability both to be candid and to have a sense of humor. It's likely that you'll have lunch or dinner with your friends.


    You'll have positive interactions with your siblings, and you'll show your love for one another by confiding about the family history.

    Your saying

    "The honorable man starts by applying what he wants to teach; only after can he teach it." Chinese proverb


    You might have some digestive problems if you overeat.

    Your color

    A Havana brown leather or tobacco jacket will warm up your appearance!

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