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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- December 22nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If you have to spend Christmas Eve with your in-laws then at least pretend to be happy about it! Your relationship has hit a rocky patch and you're preparing yourself for probing questions from your mother-in-law. When your sister-in-law starts to stick her ore into your personal issues it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back!


    Dear Single, the presence of the Jupiter-Neptune square is about to have a disastrous effect on your love life. You've had your fair share of knock backs recently and the situation looks set to get worse before it gets better. You'll just have to sit tight and be patient in the hope that destiny brings you more luck tomorrow.

    Sexy tip

    Dressing up will allow you to play different roles and fulfill all of your fantasies! Be bold enough to bring your wildest fantasies to life today!


    Dissonances from the Jupiter-Neptune square are making you dig your heels in at work. Your boss has given you strict instructions for your next project but you'll decide to ignore their orders and do exactly as you please. You won't win yourself any admirers today.

    Your finances

    If you own your own company then try to stick to the rulebook or you could end up losing out in the long run. Working for five minutes on a client project and then invoicing them for an hour's work is just not on. Keep yourself in check!

    Your lucky number




    You'll find yourself shouting down your friends in an attempt to have the final say. Unfortunately no-one will even be listening to you. Ouch...


    Family life is all about give and take so remember that you can't have the final say all of the time. Dear Gemini, some battles just aren't worth fighting.

    Your saying

    "The future is what goes beyond the outstretched hand." Louis Aragon


    Neptune is making you feel unsettled. You're struggling to cope and also suffering from a lack of sleep.

    Your color

    Creamy and lively, corn yellow will brighten up your jewelry and soften your skin.

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