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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- September 29th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Unexpected changes of plan will throw a spanner in the works today. You had high hopes for a day of romance but that is looking increasingly unlikely now. Fortunately Venus is here with some good news for your relationship as one of your projects is finally getting off the ground. It looks like you both have something to look forward to after all.


    If you've got your heart set on a certain someone then it looks like today could be your lucky day. Only time will tell if this could turn into a serious relationship but it's certainly a good start! The only fly in the ointment is that you're unsure whether or not you can commit to just one person. Your love interest can sense it a mile off...

    Sexy tip

    Give each other a handless massage using warm, scented oils... A bit of music on in the background will seriously put you in the mood for it.


    Your skills and abilities will help you to get ahead and stay ahead at work today. You know your job like the back of your hand and it's fair to say that you were made for this line of work. Jupiter is helping you to believe in yourself and push yourself to achieve your objectives.

    Your finances

    You'll have your work cut out for you today. Money is tight and you're having to make cutbacks in several areas in order to keep your head above the waters. Get your calculator out and go through your accounts with a fine toothed comb in order to do some damage limitation.

    Your lucky number




    You are seeing life, and especially your friendships, through rose-tinted glasses. A certain someone has no qualms in stabbing you in the back in order to stay on top.


    You're there for your family through tick and thin and they know they can always turn to you for love and support. They can't thank you enough.

    Your saying

    "Our thoughts help us create the world." Buddha


    Your energy levels are at an all time low and you'll find yourself dragging your feet today. You've run yourself into the ground.

    Your color

    Treat yourself to a sexy mouth by using pomegranate red lipstick.

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