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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- September 19th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Communication is improving with your partner and you finally feel like you're getting through to each other. If you don't live together then you'd be better off sticking to text messages and phone calls for now until the dust settles. Allow your other half the time they need to get their thoughts together before broaching the subject of the future.


    If your lonely heart is still pining for your ex then there is little hope of you meeting someone new today. It's about time you gave yourself a good talking to and accepted that everything happens for a reason. As soon as you get back in the driving seat you'll realize that you have your pick of the bunch when it comes to the opposite sex. In fact you're spoilt for choice!

    Sexy tip

    Sharing a joke is never a bad idea during sex. Don't be afraid to use your sense of humor! Laughter is as good a healer as amazing sex!


    You'll find yourself locked in negotiations with a client today. Your communication skills are stronger than ever and you'll succeed in staying ahead of the game. It won't be easy but it will definitely be worth it when you see the results.

    Your finances

    There's no pulling the wool over your eyes today, especially when it comes to money. You've got your sights set firmly on your objectives and nothing will hold you back. Your career is heading in the right direction so you can expect a pay rise or performance related bonus in the near future.

    Your lucky number




    There is no need to bottle up your emotions, especially with so many good friends by your side. They're there for you through thick and thin so you can trust them with your secrets.


    You know you can't sweep a certain issue under the carpet any longer at home. Bite the bullet and bring up that thorny issue. You'll have to sooner or later!

    Your saying

    « Clouds never really go away, waves come and go » Yi King


    You've let your exercise regime slip recently and the results are clear to see. You need to be more strict with yourself!

    Your color

    Opt for a pine green evening dress to make a change from black or navy blue!

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