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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 27th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Intimate moments with your partner will be followed by a cold shower. The romantic atmosphere isn't a sure thing yet. Your expectations for what happens in the bedroom might be disappointing. Serious discussions might come hurdling at you out of the blue and cast a shadow over the charming evening you had planned. Your partner's annoyance might ruin the time you have together.


    To find that special someone, you're going to need to arm yourself with patience. The stars are bringing you other situations than a new romance. Take advantage of today to see old friends or go out with them somewhere nice. Deep down, you're going to have to fix your problem of being confident in love before entering into something new.

    Sexy tip

    Ginseng, black pepper, chili... Those ingredients could give your libido a boost! A massage with scented oils will send you straight to heaven!


    You're feeling more and more tired in your professional life. Your colleague's participation is becoming difficult due to both personality conflicts as well as a lack of effectiveness. You're thinking, but you're not yet ready to make a move.

    Your finances

    You're still being reasonable with your expenses; the purchases you do make might be tied to evenings out and leisure activities. You don't like to stay cooped up at home, so shopping might be one of your activities to get out of the house, and your expenses in that realm are still quite unpredictable.

    Your lucky number




    People love you for your sense of humor and your open mind. Right now, your friendships are deepening, and your ties are strong.


    You have deep ties with your family, and you appreciate the advice they give you. This help will increase the love between you and one of your relatives.

    Your saying

    « Love is a dew that moistens nettles as well as lily flowers » Scandinavian saying


    Your digestion might be slowed down. Watch what you eat, and get sufficient exercise.

    Your color

    Luminous and see-through, aquamarine blue is a hypnotic and appeasing color. Wear it on your eyes!

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