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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 23rd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Neptune in Pisces tends to disorient you with respect to your lifestyle. You're changing, and your partner can sense it. Talk things over with them, because they might be worried about these changes. You need to get some fresh air in order to help you re-center yourself in your relationship. Focus on dialogue and listening to one another in order to boost your desire for each other.


    What counts in your life is that you're serene. But when you think about reliving a romantic relationship, you need to take responsibility and open your heart to something new. The past is still quite present in your thoughts, and this is hurting you. That said, you're still quite charming and seductive.

    Sexy tip

    Enjoy yourself, break many taboos with your lover! Make the most of your sexual know-how and don't be afraid to use sex toys in the bedroom!


    The idea of doing some training or getting a degree is running through your mind. You're doing your best to find a job that suits you. Take aim, but be patient; this takes time. A colleague you trust can help you.

    Your finances

    Vigilance is still the order of the day. Your budget is decent, but it may not cover all the expenses you'd like to make. You're attracted to nice furniture and beautiful clothes, but you're going to have to put those acquisitions off for now.

    Your lucky number




    A sense of renewal is making itself felt in your social life, and this is putting you off balance, because you're suffering from this change. You feel guilty.


    Conversing with your family will make room for getting some advice, considering how disoriented you are in your professional life.

    Your saying

    « Exploring your mind is similar to digging a well. Water is pretty cloudy at first, before becoming a lot clearer » Chinese saying


    You'll feel a little tired at the end of the day, but Mars in Aquarius will reinforce your energy.

    Your color

    A yellow similar to the color of sand or tobacco will go wonderfully well on brunettes after the summer.

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