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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- July 16th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You can count only on yourself, because you've taken note of your partner's flaws, which have the annoying habit of upsetting you. You've waited in vain for tender moments and declarations of love. You'd be wise not to force any conversations; doing so would only complicate things. Get ready for an evening full of worries.


    Now is the time to ease up on your approaches. Your seduction techniques have seemed to come to nothing, and you're hoping in vain. The atmosphere is ideal for thinking about what you can bring to love. The calm climate might bring you a sense of wisdom and help you start over again with a clean slate -- but it's going to require patience and good sense.

    Sexy tip

    Make love somewhere other than in your bed! Listen to your imagination!


    You're going through a series of professional disappointments. What you're doing now isn't satisfying. It's a question of routine, and of a lack of cooperation with your colleagues. This lack of effectiveness if weighing on you, and you might start your search for something new.

    Your finances

    The expenses continue, but you can slow them down because they're related to many different things. Put your evenings out on pause. If someone asks you to lend them money, decline. You might be taken advantage of.

    Your lucky number




    Your sense of hospitality brings you a lot of friends. That said, your friends don't all appreciate you the same way; you need to know how to identify them.


    Your family needs you because you bring a little bit of spice. Your kindness and sense of humor are their ray of sunshine.

    Your saying

    « Five in the hand is worth more than ten waiting » Greek saying


    Mars is still supporting your sign, and you have an extraordinary vitality. Be careful not to eat too much.

    Your color

    A white linen outfit will make you look classy and refined.

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