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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- January 11th, 2023 -

  • Astro news

    Astro news

    Mercury tries to favor communication, but Mars makes her quite nervous! The Moon and its difficult aspects make the day quite agitated.

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Moon/Mars square is not conducive to peace of mind! You're getting into trouble for not much, and that's a shame. Discussions are the order of the day, with Mercury just waiting to explain things! Calm down this agitation, it only reinforces your mood.


    You like to keep things cheerful when you're invited, but you're not sure you want to go to your friends' house. A bad mood is setting in, and you're afraid you won't be able to hide it all evening. It's a shame, because Mercury encourages conversation. Force yourself, it can be done!

    Love advice

    The influence of Mars is rather awkward in this sign, and its square to the Moon agitates you too much! You feel unstable, changeable, and especially full of impatience. Not sure that these qualities are compatible with love. Express yourself, but calmly, it's much better!



    Communication is made easier, and your little neurons work perfectly! On the other hand, your patience will be severely tested. The Moon is titillated by an impulsive Mars, be careful not to make any mistakes.

    Your finances

    Jupiter is trying to bring you confidence, but it may be rather clumsy. Beware of a behavior that turns out to be a little too superficial, you are full of erroneous certainties! You spend without counting, not sure that the banker approves.


    Health & wellbeing

    The bad mood has a hard time letting go of you. Adapt as best you can, at the risk of annoying everyone with this moody instability! It bothers, you first.


    Friends & family

    The atmosphere at dinner may not please everyone. You nitpick, and find fault with everything. But you are making efforts, which are clearly visible.

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