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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- March 28th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll avoid straightforward discussions, the ones which shall detail your issues with your partner. You'll dynamically ask Venus in Aries to leave you alone, as you're tired of these battle of wits. You'll take on the Cancer method, by treading carefully and making romantic moves on your sweetheart.


    You'll need to make do with the contrary influences of Venus and Mars. On the contrary, you'll use their energy to trigger communication, take an initiative to meet and find someone with whom you can have a serious relationship. You won't need to exaggerate. Your suitor will be charmed and won't let go.

    Sexy tip

    Swap your old pajamas for sexy and exciting outfits, you will soon notice a difference! Try not to wear old pajamas or ugly hair curlers in front of him!


    Looks like you can't be everywhere at once. Given this work overload that you need to tackle in record time, you'll ask yourself questions calmly in terms of your role in the company and how one perceives you.

    Your finances

    You'll need serious examine some essential expenses related to works, that you can't avoid. For some of you, dividing property could take place and for others, you'll need to calculate your severance pay.

    Your lucky number




    Determined not to deviate from your line of conduct, you won't answer this provocations. You won't care as you don't know this person.


    You'll call a relative for help as you don't want to be the only one the family to sweeten the pot and defuse this nasty situation.

    Your saying

    « Someone devoted to the greater good and justice deserves to be called brave » Zuo Chan


    Peace and calm will be your best friends to unwind, get some strength, both mental and physical.

    Your color

    Sexy and innocent, bright pink is great for your lips if your skin is pale.

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