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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- March 6th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    If things keep going this way, you'll end up living like roommates, who'll come across one another in the kitchen to prepare the meal. This idea won't seem appealing at all, but you'll be forced to see that it's true. You'll ask your partner what he/she thinks of the situation.


    Discussing through keyboards won't seem really romantic so you won't bank on the intuition of meeting your soulmate. You won't have other possibilities as an outing won't seem possible. You'll have groups on your networks. Even virtual, it'll seem like an easy tool and why forge contact with a friend's friend.

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever tried playing with ice cubes! They're so pleasurable! You will be better with your hands than with words.


    Succeed through innovation: a great program and you'll be determined to implement this. A genuine effort as you don't like the unknown aspect. You'll realize that the new order due to the current situation, you'll need to modernize your working methods.

    Your finances

    Your gray cells will work wonderfully in terms of your finances. You'll think about how to earn more money and thanks to Mercury in Aquarius, you'll find good leads. You'll note these down and will take your time to use these.

    Your lucky number




    Harmony and confidence will settle in your friend circle. Having a peaceful refuse will give you a chance to get rid of the clouds in your head.


    Moon squared with Sun shall trigger a clash in your family relations. Don't fall into the escalation trap. Try to defuse the situation.

    Your saying

    « Wise words can sometimes fall in deaf ears, but a nice word is never lost » Arthur Helps


    Your slight tendency towards hypochondria will protect you. Due to your lifestyle, you'll be more resistant than you seem.

    Your color

    From almost white to brownish, beige is always a good idea!

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