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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- February 10th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Moon-Saturn conjunction will be of no help in your relationship today, quite the opposite in fact! You're feeling nostalgic for a former flame and your partner can tell that something is amiss. You're trying your hardest to put on a brave face and act like everything's fine but so far you're not having much luck. The less said the better about your love life today...


    There is very little chance that you'll meet your soulmate today so don't go getting your hopes up. The Uranus-Moon square is zapping you of your energies and you'd rather spend the day alone in order to recharge your batteries. Saturn's alignment with your Moon is offering a glimmer of hope but no guarantee that the outcome will live up to your expectations.

    Sexy tip

    Playful and a bit of a tease, you will know how to stimulate all of your lover's senses. Bite, rub, kiss his body before eating him alive...


    The Mars-Neptune square is turning you into an emotional wreck and you'll find it hard to think straight at work today. You may even end up speaking out of turn and finding yourself on the wrong side of your boss and colleagues. Keep your fiery temper in check...

    Your finances

    Negative vibes from several planets are making your finances even more complex than usual. You're struggling to find solutions and are getting yourself further and further into debt with every new day. You've lost control of the situation and don't know which way to turn.

    Your lucky number




    You're making a concerted effort to hold your tongue in order to not rock the boat with your friends. Your brutal honesty is not always welcome.


    Your inability to compromise will cause you to come to blows with your family members today. You're not easy company at the moment so stick to your own devices whenever possible.

    Your saying

    « Night never falls on a place where you're in a love » African saying


    Nothing will go to plan today and you'll be left feeling very sorry for yourself indeed by this evening. Keep your spirits up!

    Your color

    Dark shiny black mascara will give your eyes a glamor look.

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