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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 5th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus lying low in your shadow sector points out that you may worry about your partner or your love life in general. You'll need to put up with major crisis, which may arise due to your relationship with your partner. You'll have a hard time accepting his/her way of treating you in front of others.


    After this period of emotional scarcity, you'll look for so much as an encounter, as long as it matches your emotional hopes. But there won't be anyone in sight and you won't feel like answering a suitor as you don't want to give false hopes to anyone, because you won't like this person physically.

    Sexy tip

    Slowly massage his neck with your smooth and sensual hands... Then take care of his nipples: bite, caress, lick them...


    Mars in Aries will highlight a growing phase in your activities. You'll step into the breach with bold initiatives. You'll suggest ideas, discuss the modifications you need to make with your boss, re-organize teams.

    Your finances

    With Mercury who'll enter your financial sector, you may talk about a material acquisition or negotiate an advantage. The haggling will be at an initial stage and you need to review certain points with your interlocutor.

    Your lucky number




    Your relational life is enriching. You'll come across new and different people with whom you'll share pleasant moments.


    Moon in Pisces will make you indifferent so that you don't get involved in family bickering as these won't really be important.

    Your saying

    "Whatever you do, try your best to stay in the middle." Confucius


    Pluto may weaken you but you may not be as resistant and feel tired.

    Your color

    A mimosa-yellow top will give you a true Mediterranean look!

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