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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- November 25th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your couple rekindles the initial passion. One can sense the depth of your feelings. Complicit moments are waiting to be expressed. You might be tempted about a romantic dinner or assisting a show. Routine is experienced better, due to your imagination. Tenderness gets the upper hand on steamy sexuality.


    Finding your soul mate isn't on the agenda, once again today. You let fate take its course. Though, you need trust for commitment when it comes to love. It's not present, right from the first exchanges. Let it head towards a loving friendship. It's enough to make you feel satisfied and you wait for the person to unveil his/her feelings.

    Sexy tip

    Use naughty and original accessories in the bedroom! There are times in life when you must know how to let your hair down and stop planning everything!


    You want a better job to evolve. You begin a process to change departments or negotiate your leave. One of your friends might support you. Take this person's advise at once and compare leads. Don't be hasty for this change.

    Your finances

    There are expenses related to your outlays. Try to put a stop to these expenses related to leisure. Some patience is required for the day. Frustration is in the air. If you go shopping, you'll only look and not buy.

    Your lucky number




    You feel like being along. Just simply say it, it'll avoid inappropriate remarks. Your friendly situation is stable with childhood friends.


    You may be surprised when a discreet relative tells you a secret. The day favors discovering secrets in your family. Affairs are unveiled.

    Your saying

    "The biggest obstacle to life is waiting. It's hoping for tomorrow and neglecting today." Seneca


    A walk outside in nature at the end of the day may help you unwind. You favor solitude to resume dynamism.

    Your color

    Lavender eyes are in fashion for blondes or fair-skinned brunettes!

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