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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- November 22nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Suspicion and jealousy come along. Your couple comes across obstacles. There is lack of communication and you might blame your partner for this. Someone from outside of your couple may have soothing remarks. Don't give into negative emotions. Despite some dallying in your exchanges, your couple is headed towards stability.


    The desire of meeting someone new, depends on you! You're haunted by the past. One of your affairs, which is over since a long time, is on your mind. Past love gives you regrets. You might try to see this person again. Instead of pondering, take action. Try to express your feelings. This relationship may not be over.

    Sexy tip

    Be inventive, give new positions a try, enjoy a change of pace and scenery. You know exactly how to surprise your partner, and it works!


    You have doubts on your skills. Luckily, a colleague with experience makes you feel secure. This person gives you the desire to make your professional dreams come true. You may think about taking up a profession, which made you dream as a child. Make contacts, at once.

    Your finances

    You need to save money. You should stop expenses related to leisure. Saturn in Capricorn forces you to be realistic. Paying outlays is more important than outings. Be a little patient, it's time to balance out your accounts.

    Your lucky number




    People like you because you are very kind. But you like to be left alone as well, meditate calmly. One of your friends understands this.


    Family exchanges don't bring you satisfaction. You listen and when it's your turn, nobody listens to you. This disturbance gets on your nerves.

    Your saying

    "The best of tomorrows doesn't bring yesterday back." Chinese proverb


    Learn to relax. Mental fatigue makes you irritable until the evening. Insomnia is possible.

    Your color

    Metallic and urban, steel gray is a must for both your clothes and make-up!

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