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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- November 13th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You need to fix this prevailing sensitivity. There isn't any complicity in your couple. Things are going downhill. You can expect mixed emotions today. Use humor as some laughter with your partner, could revive the magic. Try it out, you may manage titillating your partner again!


    Past love comes along. This triggers difficult emotions. Though, it's about an affair which is over. The situation could trigger strong melancholy. You need to get over something in your love life, to move forward. Currently, you're not ready for a new love. Just make the most of the present moment and stick to it.

    Sexy tip

    If your other half isn't feeling great, dress up as a nurse... Roleplays will stimulate your imagination and allow you to experience new sensations.


    The current activity leaves a lot to be desired. Organization isn't what it used to be. You may get into a fight with one of your good colleagues. The tide turns and makes you want to quit. You may think about quitting.

    Your finances

    Try to postpone shopping. Impulsive shopping isn't a good idea. You may fall for decorative gizmos for home. Compare prices, it could help save money. Stability is present.

    Your lucky number




    You still meet the same people. There is a lot of loyalty between you all. Apart from contacting a friend to see how he/she is doing, the day is calm.


    Your contact with your family is a little confusing. You see the same people. For your well-being, you distance yourself with a rather intrusive loved one.

    Your saying

    "The future is what goes beyond the outstretched hand." Louis Aragon


    Some relaxation could do you good. Your emotions still get the upper hand today.

    Your color

    Steel gray make-up will give your eyes a very mysterious look...

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