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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- September 16th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner is going out of their way to make you happy but all you seem to do is throw it back in their face. In your defense, Saturn is bringing out your fiery side and causing you to fly off the handle no good reason. Your partner is well aware of your weaknesses and will play on them to give you a taste of your own medicine. Ouch!


    You've had very little time for your love life recently and the results are clear to see. You've got so many problems to deal with in your family life that your love interests have fallen down to the very bottom of your priority list. You'll decide to throw yourself into your hobbies in order to take your mind off of your personal woes.

    Sexy tip

    Treat him to a well-rehearsed strip-tease... You could almost apply for a job at the Moulin Rouge!


    You're starting to feel like a spare wheel at work and it's making you wonder whether you're really cut out for this job. You've been living in your colleagues' shadows for far too long now and it's about time you stood on your own two feet. Pluck up the courage to take the lead in a staff meeting.

    Your finances

    Saturn is proving to be a very bad influence on you indeed, especially when it comes to your spending habits. You're up to your eyeballs in debt but you keep swiping your credit card anyway! You'll end the month in the red again if you carry on at this rate.

    Your lucky number




    Saturn in your sign will make it impossible for you to keep your friendships with the opposite sex platonic. The lines have become blurry!


    Your partner's wishes to expand your little family are making you feel under pressure. You're not sure you're ready to take that all-important step.

    Your saying

    "God looks for pure hands, not full hands." Latin proverb


    You're feeling run down but will decide to push yourself to your limits and beyond. Be careful as you're on borrowed time...

    Your color

    Tanned and dark skins should sport a fresh and dynamic look by wearing spring-green eye make-up.

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