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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 2nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Being a lot more honest than usual will take your partner by surprise... Sharing your expectations and expressing what you're no longer happy with is the first step towards moving your relationship back in the right direction. But please stay polite in the process! You could be too confrontational at times... The aim of the game isn't to hurt your other half! Be more diplomatic.


    Feeling particularly good in your own skin, you will be a lot more confident and enterprising than usual on this second day of the month. You couldn't care less whether the people around you like how straightforward you are or not! You know what you want and how to get it. Sleeping with one of your friends cannot be ruled out...

    Sexy tip

    Words can chill you out and turn you on when used appropriately! Feeling your warm breath on his body will turn your partner on...


    You will know how to command respect in the workplace! Being a lot more confident than usual will truly surprise your interlocutors. Your ideas will prove incredibly popular this Friday, my Cancer friend. Believe in yourself!

    Your finances

    Your finances are supported by no less than four planets. A lively day is in the cards in this domain! You will make a fair bit of money, but you could also spend a lot more cash than you can afford if you're not careful enough... Always check the price tag of what you're about to buy!

    Your lucky number




    You could instantly hit it off with a new friend. You two feel like you've known each other for years!


    Everyone in your family is in a good mood and happy to help each other out. You and your loved ones try your best to look on the bright side of life!

    Your saying

    « Passion burns the strongest of promises like fire burns light straw » William Shakespeare


    With the Sun/Venus duo in Leo, you will feel like taking better care of yourself. Treat yourself to a professional massage or spa day.

    Your color

    Relaxing and natural, primary green is THE color to give your dresses a fresh and environment-friendly look!

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