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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- July 24th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Without realizing that you can be argumentative and critical, you also won't realize that your partner might be scratching their head trying to figure out what you want. They'll do their best to please you, and you won't feel the slightest bit guilty.


    You don't know this person's sign, but given their reactions, you're betting on a dominant Scorpio. You might have it all wrong, but their romantic approach certainly seems to point that direction. Combined with your own attitude, some misunderstandings will give way to comedy and romance.

    Sexy tip

    Laughter and shared interests are real turn-ons as far as you're concerned! You're happy to share your likes and dislikes in the bedroom with your partner.


    New challenges are motivating you, and you're working your butt off to get things moving. Try as you might, though, you're going to have to wait to get the green light.

    Your finances

    The Sun will put your skills to use. You'll negotiate shrewdly and play time to your favor. In the end you'll be proven correct, as well as far-sighted.

    Your lucky number




    You'll amuse yourself by given yourself some challenges that will reinforce this budding friendship. You really have a lot in common.


    You'll succeed in setting your differences aside and confront this problem head-on. Once you've explained yourselves, you can turn the page once and for all.

    Your saying

    « Dreaming about love is free, unlike most things nowadays » Maxalexis


    You'll have the will not to snack throughout the day, unless you haven't eaten enough.

    Your color

    Mixed with black or gray, off white adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

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