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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- May 15th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It'll be better not to upset you today. In hardly a second, you'll move on from romantic passion to obvious chilliness. You'll fly off the handle, but the worst is that you won't listen to what your partner has to say! So, you'll get ticked off easily for no reason and sulk in a corner. A tense atmosphere on the agenda.


    You're not ready to make efforts and it's obvious. Not really concerned about your love life today, you'll show yourself through your worst angle. But your charm will still appeal! On the contrary, this inaccessible attitude will intensify the desire to approach you, for some people. You'll look tough but avoid being mean.

    Sexy tip

    Spread chocolate all over your body to whet your partner's appetite! Don't feel bad about expressing your wildest fantasies!


    You'll be capable of handling a load of important tasks today. This will help you make up for the string of recent delays and even get some time to pamper your network. Don't forget to update your profile.

    Your finances

    You'll be sensitive to the Internet sirens with Mars, opposed to Jupiter. Don't spend your time browsing on the internet or keep your credit card away! You're going to fall for all kinds of useless gizmos. This is forbidden!

    Your lucky number




    Planning a party all night long won't be your best idea. Right in the middle of the week, not many people will agree with you.


    You won't be able to handle everything today, spread out your tasks morning onward between your children and partner. This way each one knows what they have to do.

    Your saying

    « Feathers embellish a peacock, education embellishes a man » Russian saying


    All wound up, you'll find this Wednesday to be a long day. If you can, enjoy some time in the nature and air your mind out.

    Your color

    Trendier than lime green, acid green, the color of absinthe, makes a welcome appearance in your wardrobe.

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