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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- May 10th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Venus/Moon square encourages you to find more freedom. You won't have the same desires as your partner and both of you won't be in sync. Use this opportunity to do your personal activities, go see friends or get some alone time. This won't shake up the good atmosphere in your couple, on the contrary, you'll be even happier to spend time together!


    Yearning to make for the emotional void which is making you feel currently, you'll do your best to go towards others and trigger encounters. However, you won't find what you're looking for. Between suitors already in a couple or completely not in keeping with your expectations, you won't meet the right people. Don't get discouraged, tomorrow is another day!

    Sexy tip

    Do it in front of the window or behind see-through curtains... So exciting! Passion is likely to get the better of you today. Enjoy yourself!


    Nothing will move forward like you want things to and it's going to get on your nerves. It's true that the opposition between Moon and Saturn is restraining you from taking action. Looking for a job, your interlocutors are absent, interviews are postponed and you need to make do.

    Your finances

    If you can't control yourself to spend on useless things, you're going to quickly shake up your accounts in a bad way. This situation will make you feel guilty, but it won't re-balance your budget. Go out without your credit card!

    Your lucky number




    Very close with your friends, you'll like talking about your memories when you were young. A chance to recall excellent moments.


    Don't try to pry things out from your children, they'll withdraw even more. When they're ready, they'll tell you what is bothering them.

    Your saying

    « A wise person doesn't say what he knows, an idiot doesn't know what he says » Turkish saying


    Stay away from people who are in a bad mood or too negative. Your susceptibility makes you sensitive to the atmosphere around you. Remain positive!

    Your color

    Halfway between taupe and brown, lovat green is the new color in for your nails.

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