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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- April 26th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll read the admiration in your sweetheart's eyes, and that'll make you feel confident that they love you. With Venus in a Fire sign, you'll tend to express your feelings somewhat loudly. But that won't displease your partner, because they'll see this as proof that your love hasn't aged a day all these years.


    With Venus in Aries, you'll meet someone you'll find attractive, even though they're not what you're usually looking for. You'll have things in common, and you'll look beyond appearances. Your heart will speak in place of your reason. You'll be inspired, because this romance has a chance of lasting a long time.

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever given your partner a striptease? Try it immediately! Let him grab your hand and do whatever he wants with it... You won't regret it.


    You'll be subtle. Your calm and pugnaciousness will be noticed, and your patience will be rewarded. All these compliments will make you want to go further, even if sometimes you work too much. Don't wear yourself out.

    Your finances

    You'll be tempted to just pay up what the administration is asking for, because you're tired of spending time and energy to get a few bucks back. But in the end you'll fight back with a well reasoned letter.

    Your lucky number




    Your relationships with your friends won't be as warm as they usually are. You'll get the impression that your friends are too preoccupied to be interested in anyone else.


    Your family relationships, especially with a parent, won't be great. Take a step back and give everyone some time to calm down.

    Your saying

    « The world is a sea, our heart is its shore » Chinese saying


    Even if you don't do sports, you should still expend your energy to ensure that it doesn't turn into anxiety.

    Your color

    Pale gray nails will make you look like a real city girl!

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