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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- April 5th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Despite Venus's presence in Pisces, today will be marked not by tenderness but rather by tension in your relationship. The planet of love will seem tiny next to the other more powerful planets in your sky. You'll need to harden yourself in order not to feel negative emotions, such as the fear of not being loved.


    You'll feel a stronger need to feel protected and reassured, because you're alone or not in a good situation. This person isn't giving you what you want out of a relationship, and you'll think about breaking it off. But the thought of being single again and not meeting the right person will get you down.

    Sexy tip

    Have you even tried cooling gels? They're great to stimulate all of your senses! Be gentle one second, and absolutely wild the next.


    You'll be active, energetic, and sometimes a little too impulsive, but at least you'll make headway. If you're looking for work, you'll find some, and it's likely that you'll need to start proving yourself right away.

    Your finances

    You'll be faced with someone who's manipulative and who, believing you to be naive, will try to scam you. They have a well considered scheme, and you might fall for it. But your intuition will save you. You'll be more afraid than injured.

    Your lucky number




    You have a solid group of friends around you. You have the chance to spend time with your life-long friends.


    The way to avoid conflict in your family is to avoid troublesome subjects. But you won't take that road. You won't mince words.

    Your saying

    « Those who are too hasty will move backwards even more quickly » Mencius


    You'll feel weak sometimes if you overestimate yourself. The word rest isn't in your vocabulary.

    Your color

    Cyan or turquoise goes perfectly well with various shades of chocolate.

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