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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- February 22nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner will have the habit of talking about himself to you, his day and worries. However, the latter will give you the impression of not really being interested in your day and you. Don't perceive this as a malicious act. Your sweetheart is just completely devoted to his current life and experience. The latter will make up for it during the coming weekend.


    You'll let yourself get dragged by the pace of life, which is currently intense. This interferes with your emotional life. But you if you don't do anything about it for a day, doesn't mean it's going to impact your life. In any case, your mind is elsewhere and it's better not to do anything about it rather take care of it grudgingly.

    Sexy tip

    You will not just go with the first person that comes along. You will prove to be pretty picky. You're an outstanding lover...


    Some collaborators might blame you for lack of focus and realism. This isn't true. On the contrary, you'll be very creative and monopolized by all the ideas in your mind. It'll be good to explain this to them, without unveiling the ideas.

    Your finances

    Some friends might seem alarmist with your finances. Their opinion doesn't matter as much as your figures which are quite positive. Moreover, it'll be wise not being concerned by their opinion as it's not objective and definitely not worth it.

    Your lucky number




    If you speak about some projects which are important to you with your friends, some of them will be really delighted. They'll share your desires and won't hesitate to support you.


    You have the impression that your family is overstepping their limits and are too demanding with you. As if their desires were commands. Gently set the record straight.

    Your saying

    "Good things come to those who wait." François Rabelais


    You're not able to make the most of your good mood as you give too much importance to others. Be indifferent, everything will be better.

    Your color

    Wear sexy cherry red lipstick!

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