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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- February 12th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner and friends being present at the same time, won't be the best solution. One might not agree with the other and this could create trouble. You might even have the impression that they're joining forces against you, to get you to listen to reason. Moreover, you need to choose who you wish to see today.


    Appearances can be deceiving at times. Just because one of your friends seems to be attracted by you emotionally, doesn't mean it's true. Or perhaps the latter doesn't feel ready to give it a go. You'll walk on tiptoes or not even that until Tuesday. Not that you have the wrong impression but stars won't be with you.

    Sexy tip

    You go straight to the point, there's no beating around the bush with you! No foreplay, you skip straight through to dessert!


    Your relations might play an important role to make a case or deal move forward, or even help get a job. Don't hesitate using your contacts, communicating and contacting the people who might be able to help you.

    Your finances

    If you feel that you have a hard time getting what you want and that your interlocutors are trying to resist you, don't force things. This Tuesday, it'll be better to postpone transactions for later,otherwise you'll end up annoying them.

    Your lucky number




    Even if it doesn't last long, you might be faced with a friend who hasn't settled scores in the past. The latter won't hesitate talking about it. Remain calm.


    There might be some nervousness in your family. Instead of taking sides, it'll be better to remain neutral and let each one express their complaints.

    Your saying

    "Knowing that you know what you know, and that you don't know what you don't know is the real definition of intelligence." Confucius


    You get affected by exterior vibrations, which are at times electric. Remain in your bubble.

    Your color

    Close to apricot-yellow, nankeen make-up will give your cheeks a bright and friendly look.

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