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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- December 1st, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The least one can say is that you'll be completely out of step with your partner. You'll want to stay at home, you'll willingly let your sweetheart go out of home as the latter will feel like getting away. However, your partner won't see things the same way. As your sweetheart wants to spend time with you, but outside.


    You'll be convinced: this suitor isn't made for you. The latter will be convinced of the opposite and will ask you to get together, spend time and give things a shot. You'll be seduced and scared by this person's persistence. You won't say yes or no and you'll be sincere with your contradictions.

    Sexy tip

    Jealousy can either turn your partner on or put him off completely. It's all or nothing with him today. Make sure it's not nothing...


    Very attentive while monitoring your files, you'll be focused so that you don't forget anything and aren't forced to begin everything from scratch. You won't understand your boss's message, who'll ask you to be quicker with your work.

    Your finances

    You'll feel secure about having enough money in your bank account. You'll begin planning your year end purchases so that you're not caught off guard. You'll look for gifts on vendor sites between private parties.

    Your lucky number




    You'll get the chance to talk openly with a friend. This will do both of you some good to mutually confide your joys and troubles.


    You'll listen more than you give your opinion. Your loved ones will be grateful without knowing that it doesn't matter to you.

    Your saying

    "The best mirror is the eye of a friend." Gaelic proverb


    Your head will be in the clouds and tiredness won't help things. Make sure you get enough sleep.

    Your color

    Auburn highlights are very trendy on brown hair these days!

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