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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- November 6th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're making certain concessions in your relationship, and they're adding to your preoccupations. You're feeling frustrated. You and your partner aren't expressing your emotions as much as usual, and that's leading to tensions. Nothing's happening in the bedroom, and you know you need to change that. You know just how to seduce your partner: with your words.


    You think that you need to move forward without fear of another romantic defeat. You still have doubts, but your present romantic situation is evolving well, although it's not clear where you stand quite yet. For now you're focusing on your social life, which is fulfilling. Your current situation allows you freedom, which is important for you right now.

    Sexy tip

    Take control but make him feel like he's the one in charge. Get out of your comfort zone, have sex in unusual places to spice things up.


    You're getting tired of having to make concessions, and you feel overworked. Little by little you're moving toward a change. Making the right decision now will pay off down the road, but you'll need to be patient.

    Your finances

    Your career isn't very stable right now, so it's important to save. If you go shopping, you'll hold off on buying anything till later. It's inevitable that you'll feel a bit frustrated, but try get a philosophical perspective on things.

    Your lucky number




    You'd like to reconnect with friends. Life has put distance between you, and you're feeling nostalgic. Take the first step and reach out to them.


    Your conversations are likely to lead to souvenirs of a grandparent. You might feel nostalgic at the end of the day.

    Your saying

    "Light exists in obscurity; don't look on the dark side of life." Koan zen


    Doing some meditation will have a beneficial and calming effect. That said, you might be feeling a bit down by the end of the day again.

    Your color

    A smooth sage-green on your nails or accessories will calm you down.

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