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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 27th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Love doesn't evaporate as time goes on - to the contrary, it grows richer! Thanks to the good will of the Mercury–Venus sextile, dialogue and communication will be your most faithful allies. In your couple, you'll do what you can to combine chores and fun. When you're on vacation, it's only normal.


    For you, it's very important to show that you're capable of being in a couple, and that you're not going to end up a 40-year-old virgin! It's a question of status. Today, you're going to be sensitive, receptive, and dreamy - all qualities that will help you achieve what's most important to you...

    Sexy tip

    Read a sex book or watch an X-rated movie together to get the evening started! You're simply lacking the motivation to get things started, that's all...


    A colleague might view your ascension in the hierarchy in a very negative light. And in the professional sphere, the Mars–Uranus square favors jealousies. Today, someone might offer you help, but they're really looking to better be able to torpedo your career!

    Your finances

    Underneath your light-hearted exterior, you'll be quite shrewd. Your financial reserves will act like a series of Russian dolls. You think there's no more, and there there's another one! Venus will also be present to watch over your savings.

    Your lucky number




    Whether you're by the sea or in the mountains, you'll take advantage of your vacation time to visit a close friend! They've been asking for a long time!


    Play a game of tarot with five people? Dear Cancer, you're going to implore your family to say yes. The hardest part will be to choose teams...

    Your saying

    "Love he who criticizes you in private." Jewish proverb


    Through Venus, you'll dose your meals like your physical activity. Your lifestyle will be healthy and without excess!

    Your color

    A cream lace jacket will give you this romantic and vintage look you're looking for.

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