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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 22nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your priority will be bringing some order to your life with your partner. Purse strings, household chores, the kids' educations; everything goes through you from now on. Next you'll be telling your partner what they can and can't do! My goodness, that won't be fun... Today, the only place you're okay not being in control is between the sheets!


    Single friends, you feel more alive than ever. Under Neptune's control, you're betting on your charisma. Today, you'll listen to your deepest emotions, all while paying attention to those of your conquests. In the end, you'll have simmered them to perfection. And afterward? Yum...

    Sexy tip

    Sharing a joke is never a bad idea during sex. Don't be afraid to use your sense of humor! Laughter is as good a healer as amazing sex!


    If you want the job done well, you'd best do it yourself! Equipped with this adage, you'll think about starting your own business. You'll choose your strategy, your potential partner, and your team. A real obstacle course? Potentially... But what a challenge!

    Your finances

    Intuitive and crafty! These two descriptors will be precious to you with respect to the management of your finances. You'll know how to skillfully negotiate prices for your purchases. It'll be as though everything is on sale today. And for your investments, you'll pick up the scent of great deals.

    Your lucky number




    With respect to your friends, you'll assert yourself through difference. Such will be your philosophy today! You'll get a certain satisfaction out of this.


    Surrounded by your loved ones, you'll be in seventh heaven. And with good reason: your family is like you! Your tribe is sacred. Your kids love games... and you do, too!

    Your saying

    « The past has run away, your hopes are nowhere to be seen, but the present belongs to you » Arab saying


    Regular blood tests, vital organ checkups - you're not going to leave your health in the hands of fate.

    Your color

    Indigo takes over black or brown as the color to apply on your eyes!

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