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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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- August 15th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    There will be good humor in your relationship. You're bringing some carefree imagination and spice to your daily interactions, and your partner couldn't be happier about it. During Jupiter's passage, it'll be as though you're teenagers again, as though you've just fallen in love for the first time. Today, intellectual pleasures will take a back seat to sexual ones.


    In your life as a single person, the Jupiter–Neptune trigon will be your ace in the hole. Thanks to your dynamic energy, things are going to shift into a higher gear... You'll be quite bold when it comes to tracking down the most reclusive of romantic opportunities. After a few tries, you'll find a taker, and with it some unforgettable moments.

    Sexy tip

    There are as many different positions as days of the year, so try a new one! You on top of him? Yeah, why don't you give that one a go?


    Today, dear Cancer, giving up is out of the question. Jupiter is bound to your sign and your professional sphere, and will give you the courage to overcome the risks inherent in your profession.

    Your finances

    Your reflexes with respect to money will be good and will prevent you from getting off track. In any case, your partner is also keeping an eye out and dissecting all your bank statements. Two eyes are better than one...

    Your lucky number




    If they come to see you today, your friends can count on your legendary sense of humor to take the edge off all their little existential problems.


    When there are letters to be written, your family calls on you. You're a master of the English language; you know all its ins and outs.

    Your saying

    « A wise man doesn't do to others what he wouldn't like done to him! » Mo Zi


    Inspired by the Jupiter–Neptune trigon, you'll be sure of winning on all fronts.

    Your color

    Tawny boots will spice up even the simplest pair of jeans or leggings.

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